*MicroBlading is a relatively new, manual method of permanent make up here in the USA. This technique has it’s origin in Asia and has gained popularity worldwide over the past few years. The procedure uses a very fine blade composed of different amounts of needles to deposit pigments into the dermis with a feathering movement. The needles are stable and do not have any vibration, everything is done with a hand movement only creating crisp and very fine natural hair strokes.


Microblading touch up $50

Microblading touch up on previous work $75

Brow extensions

Petite gap fill in $40

Perfect for scars, thinning brows and sparse areas. Creates a natural symetrical shape 15-30 min.

Thick brow gap fill in $50

Includes brow wax/threading,& extensions for full existing eyebrows with problem areas 30-45 min.

HD brows $65.00

Additional feather light brow hair extensions are applied using custom adhesive color after a henna dye is applied, providing an additional 3D soft and natural effect. Includes brow wax/threading 30-60 min.

*This incredible treatment is suitable for clients with or without any brow hair.Gives ultimate brow definition, brow thickness, color, shape and form. Application time depends on natural Eyebrows, but varies between 15 minutes-60 minutes.The application technique is easy and straightforward. This amazing Brow Enhancing Beauty treatment is a must have for perfect brows! Great for Special event of waterproof brow look.

Natural henna brow & lash tinting

brows $25 15 min.

Lashes $25 15 min.

Combo $40 30 min.

Brow waxing & reshaping


includes waxing, tweezing, trimming & redness concealing makeup touchup if desired 15-20 min.